Awards and Recognition

At New Velocity, we continue being recognized as a top sales and leadership development partner because we understand that the greatest asset any organization possesses is the untapped potential of its sales team.

The results, fortunately for us, and our existing clients, have been outstanding.

Our customized skill development content, which follows a specific process and methodology to ensure your sales professionals beat their number. And we, at New Velocity, back it up with data-driven results

For us, success comes when our clients utilize the skills we have helped them master to beat their number and crush their sales quota.

That’s why, we are recognized as a Top Sales Training Company year after year.



Sales training should be engaging, motivating and fun. It should also be relevant.

At New Velocity, we accomplish this via our sustainability program of OnlineOnsite and Ongoing working together at various cadences, and with customized content, to meet our clients’ needs and developing new foundations of success that stick.

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Microlearning has a new name - Virtual Velocity. An award-winning platform providing the best content for learners.


Instructor-led education, relevant role-play exercises and activities designed to motivate, educate, and activate.


Fun and fast activities via customized Dynamic SuperStudio Sessions acting as reinforcement to keep the momentum going.