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Spread the word, get money and swag.

Are you a sales professional who has benefited from New Velocity’s content, online platform, reinforcement sessions or workshops? If so, join our Ambassador Program and brand yourself as someone dedicated to continuous improvement.

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3 Things We Ask

1) Continue to be a life-long learner. Continue to invest in yourself with our content, as well as any other great content that helps you be the OUTSTANDING version of yourself.

2) Follow us on social media and actively like, share, view and comment on any of our content that resonates with you.

3) Ask us for - and give us - referrals! Search our connections on LinkedIn and let us know who we can introduce YOU to. We also invite you to introduce us to other sales leaders who may benefit from our services.

3 Things You’ll Receive

For those who refer New Velocity, they will get:

1) Random “Swag Bombs.” Each quarter we send swag packages to random ambassadors who are active on social media with us

2) Free ongoing training. We’ll provide you with passcodes for complimentary access to our 55-minute Power Hour SuperStudio Sessions, high-powered video webinars that Educate, Motivate, and Activate.

3) Up to $5,000 cash! We’ll send you $1,000 for your first referral that becomes a qualified account of New Velocity.  $2,000 for the second referral, $3,000 for the 3rd, $4,000 for the 4th and you guessed it…$5,000 for every referral thereafter that becomes a qualified account of New Velocity.   



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How do I refer New Velocity?

While there are many great ways to do so, we’ve crafted an e-mail template below for you.

Step 1. Copy and paste the template to your personal e-mail platform.

Step 2. Feel free to tweak the e-mail, change it up and make it your own.

Step 3. When you email the introduction letter, be sure to copy your New Velocity team member.

That’s it, you just referred us!  Thanks so much.

We’ll match this new opportunity up with you in our CRM system and if we do business with this account in the next 12-months, you get paid, we earn a new client, and your target receives the most value of all with their soon to be increased skill set.