Onsite Excellence

Engaging instruction. Relevant sales simulation.


Most training programs lack the ability to capture and keep a sales professional’s attention. In fact, 87 percent of sales training is forgotten after 30 days.

So, at New Velocity, we’ve turned onsite training on its head to ensure it sticks.

Our onsite classes and workshops comprise engaging instruction and relevant sales simulation activities to ensure that sales professionals beat their number. 

They feature award-winning instructor-led education, relevant role-play exercises and activities designed to motivate, educate and activate sales professionals. 

Introducing Onsite Excellence. Engaging instruction. Relevant sales simulation.

New Velocity’s approach to sales training is so refreshing! It was great to see the instructor make calls to my prospects in real-time.
— George O., VISA
New Velocity’s storytelling method of teaching has help me learn how to speak with C-level prospects without feeling intimidated.
— James C., Epiq Global



Virtual Velocity our award-winning platform
providing the best content for learners.



Fun and fast activities via customized Dynamic SuperStudio Sessions acting as reinforcement to keep the momentum going.